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We are always looking to buy retro & collectible toys whether they be a life long collection or something you’ve found in the loft. We especially look for high-quality toys, but we have a broad range of customers and we are always interested in buying items that are in good condition. If you have any items, whether it be a single piece or a collection, and wish to sell please use the form on this page.

We are especially interested in

Star Wars Funko POP! He Man Thundercats Transformers LEGO Marvel Action Man GI Joe Action Force Ghostbusters Power Rangers Pokemon Game Consoles Super Mario Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot Spyro the Dragon

Condition helps

It helps the value of your items if they include boxes, manuals and accessories.

Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars and Kenner revolutionized the action figure industry with the popularization of the 3 ¾-inch action figure. From the shipping of the first Early Bird Certificate Package in 1977 to the Droids and Ewok line of figures and accessories in 1985, to light sabers and Master Replicas, Star Wars and Kenner were able to create an empire of merchandising. The 3 ¾-inch figure was far less expensive to produce than the industry standard 12-inch action figure, plus it was possible to create a line of accessories the size and variety of which had never been seen before. This produced a few effects that radically changed the toy industry. First, by producing a smaller, less expensive figure, children could literally try to collect them all. If a child wanted to re-enact the rescue of Princess Leia from the Death Star, Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia, and a couple of storm troopers would do it. The second result was that Kenner was able to create a vast array of accessories that would not have been possible had the figures been scaled at 12 inches. Space ships, play sets, and a myriad of other accessories were all available for collecting. With such a wide range of products, toys were available at every price point. From inexpensive figures to elaborate play sets, the Star Wars line ensured that children could get something new for almost any occasion. Innovation continued with the pre-movie releases of action figures. Children and collectors could get a sneak peak at what the newest chapter of the Star Wars saga had in store, all while building the brand momentum that helped Star Wars movies set worldwide box office records.

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